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Des Murtagh

MGS Murtagh Genealogy ServicesI have had a strong interest in family history since an early age. Over the last 16 years I have immersed myself in researching, documenting and charting my own family tree going back to the late 1700’s with a number of my ancestors.  I am familiar with the Irish record repositories particularly the three C’s – the civil, census and church records. I have also developed an interest in sourcing information from cemetery records, wills and graveyards.

On a personal level, I have for most of my life, worked within the different educational sectors from primary to adult education.  Academically I hold qualifications from both Irish and international universities including a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Dublin City University (DCU) and an MA in Adult Education from a St Thomas University, USA.  I also hold a Diploma in Family History Resarch (Genealogy) from the Independent College, Dublin delivered in conjunction with Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI).  I am also an Affiliate member of the Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI).

My work, study and qualifications have familiarised me with research mechanisms along with publication of my findings and reports.

What I can offer


Exploring and gathering available and relevant data


I will research your family ancestors


Constructing an interesting and informative report


I will create a report on your family ancestors


Creating a document with data and coloured charts


I will design a presentation of your family tree incorporating text, charts and certificates

Discover new
family ancestors

MGS Murtagh Genealogy Services
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